La Rocha Special – Wild Leaves Blue + Orange


The La Rocha Wild Leaves Orange? Or the Wild Leaves Blue?

Don’t know which one you want to buy? For you we have this special offer.

Two eyecatching La Rochas with colorful designs, perfect for any workout: running, fitness, yoga, surfing and more! La Rocha is a colorful fashion icon that’s always the right fit for you!

These La Rocha tights stand out for the following details:

  • A firm and spacious pocket with zipper, placed in the waistband, for easy storage of your phone or other items
  • A special opening for your headphone cable
  • A specially designed high and strong waistband (that doesn’t slip down)
  • Made from material that breathes and dries quickly
  • Soft and ultra light fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Supports your body

La Rocha – let’s sparkle!

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